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A bespoke service for businesses looking for growth by merger and acquisition.

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Have you been looking at business for sale ads and can’t find a business to buy that’s a good fit with your existing business? Let Business Growth Assist introduce you to takeover opportunities that match your requirements.

Who is Business Growth Assist?

Business Growth Assist Limited was founded in 2015 as the natural progression to the business consulting service Paul Green had been offering since 2010 to assist businesses to achieve growth by merger and acquisition.

Prior to 2010 Paul was Managing Director of ASSA Limited a very profitable £10 million turnover company and later a Director of ASSA Abloy Limited (turnover £120 million).

Having organically grown a business to a turnover of £10 million Paul was fully aware how painfully slow achieving organic business growth could be and became focused on complementary and alternative business growth strategies such as mergers & acquisitions.

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Are you looking for help to grow your business? Give Business Growth Assist a call.

What does Business Growth Assist do?

Business Growth Assist is a business consultancy offering assistance to owners of businesses (with turnover typically £5 million to £10 million) that are looking to grow their business by organic or acquisitive means.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

You will find many websites that outline the process of Mergers & Acquisitions by steps such as

  • Feasibility
  • Business plan and due diligence
  • Financial structure and negotiations
  • Fund raising
  • Completion of the acquisition

Business Growth Assist complements this step approach by focusing on the very beginning of the process and specialising in introducing our clients to businesses rarely advertised as being for sale. If you need help in finding or making contact with a business for sale please contact us.

Partnerships & Agencies

Can be an excellent way of accelerating organic business growth. Whilst an agency is a contractual relationship where one company (the principal) grants authority for another party, (the agent) to act on behalf of and under the control of the principal. A partnership is an agreement where businesses (partners) agree to cooperate to increase the likelihood of each achieving success in an area of mutual interest. The service we offer is essentially the same for both. In general terms we assist companies increase their business by amplifying their reach. If you need help in finding suitable agents or business partners for your products or services please contact us.

Do you want to buy a business but struggle to find a business for sale that hasn’t been groomed for sale? Business Growth Assist will bring to your attention unadvertised merger and acquisition opportunities.

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Why use us?

Most companies have within their management the capability and expertise to negotiate a fair price for a business if the opportunity of an acquisition is presented to them….and there appears to be an almost endless number of acquisition opportunities!

However, following up on these ‘opportunities’ can be a very time consuming distraction and ultimately frustrating because inevitably the company presented has been groomed for sale and rarely is what’s presented a good fit, for a myriad of reasons!

Trying to grow a business by this approach is fundamentally flawed because it is purely reactive.

What Business Growth Assist offers is a bespoke, methodical, proactive, search and introduction service. The biggest benefits of using us are the companies we introduce to you are rarely advertised as being for sale and while we are acting on your behalf introducing you to the right business to acquire you can concentrate on running your existing business.

Do you need assistance buying a business to deliver an acquisition strategy? Business Growth Assist will introduce you to businesses rarely advertised as being for sale.

Our 5 step acquisition process

1. We take time to learn about our clients business to appreciate where business growth opportunities exist. Together, with our client we agree an acquisition strategy and profile the size and type of takeover target.

2. We then locate and approach businesses that fit this profile, regardless of whether they are advertised as a business for sale or not. Throughout, we act discreetly and keep the identity of our client confidential (unless agreed otherwise).

3. We meet with any interested parties to validate the opportunity. At this meeting the identity of our client is revealed but only if the stakeholders of the business for sale demonstrates a genuine interest in selling to us.

4. If our meeting confirms the stakeholders are receptive to selling their business we set up an introduction with our client.

5. Business Growth Assist facilitates all further takeover discussions and assists in these meetings as and when asked to do so through to conclusion. Unless otherwise agreed all aspects of price negotiation are precluded from the scope of our work.

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Our areas of Expertise



The combination of two or more companies to form a new company.



The purchase of one company by another.



An agreement where businesses cooperate to increase their likelihood of success.



A contractual relationship where one company grants authority for another party, to act on their behalf.